Company Store Features

Our stores are feature-rich with amazing capabilities.

Auto Add to Cart

With the click of a single button, your employees and customers will see specific products automatically added to their cart with the coupon of your choice automatically added to the checkout. Additionally, we can allow specific email addresses to prevent non-new hires from accessing the coupon.

International Shipping

Checkout fields will update depending on the shipping country. We also automatically detect a user’s currency and include a manual currency switch in the footer of the website. All your products are stored in our California warehouse.

Low Stock Thresholds

We set a storewide inventory threshold along with product-by-product low stock thresholds. Receive an automatic email when these are triggered.

Seamless Checkout

Fast, beautiful, and designed for high conversions. Comes with cart abandon auto-email and multi-step process to ensure completion.

Dedicated Support

We are always with you to answer your questions. If your store is live, we are with you 100% of the time. Support doesn’t stop when the store launches. Do you need custom coupon experiences, new products, updated mockups, or custom landing pages? Anything else? We are with you. 

Professional Photography

All packages include beautiful realistic product mockups to bring your products to life. Lifestyle and standard white product mocks included. Schedule an in-person photoshoot with your employees or product photography in our studio for an additional service fee.

Product Permissions

Display all products for all visitors or set custom visibility depending on your specific requirements. Selected VIP products can be hidden from the store, yet accessible with a direct URL, for a specific department (user role).

Flexible Design

We offer premium layouts for you to choose from. The homepage hero section can use video backgrounds or still images. All come with custom designs for internal landing pages, and each layout has product-specific design layouts.

Custom Feature Request

If you have another feature in mind, please share it with us and we will figure out the right solution for you.

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